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Frivole and prissy, the suites des Charme of Antica Dimora Desenzano





Our Suites
of Charmes

Five Suites, light and filmy but also frivolous and cute, to help you go back in time.
Each Suite in Antica Dimora is inspired by an eighteenth-century figure, whose original portrait is found in the alcove: the Countess, the Ebony girl, the Venetian girl, the Rake and the Princess.

Then by closing a secret door an even more sumptuous space is created: the Notre Suite.

If the need to share moments of the highest privacy arises, it is possible to request Antica Dimora exclusively. In this way you can live your holiday or your personalized event in all and for all.

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Suite La Contessina, scrigno romantico ed esotico ad Antica Dimora Desenzano


La Contessina

A romantic and exotic casket

A romantic and exotic casket, where reality gives space to enchantment.
This ample poetic space enshrines a bedroom completely covered in sky-blue wallpaper, which is the setting of marvellous intertwinement of flowers and birds of paradise in flight.

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Suite La Moretta, Antica Dimora Desenzano, Gardasee


La Moretta

Intrigue and pleasure

An open space, a realm where every detail has been created to indulge pleasure.
A welcoming entrance with console, preparing to amaze the senses: going beyond, the scene opens up to the architecture of the room which is characterized by interlacing wooden beams which confer a historic feeling to the room and recall the intriguing Venetian period.

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La completezza regale de la Suite La Veneziana, Antica Dimora Desenzano


La Veneziana

Royal Completeness

A masterpiece which portrays the Venetian baroque, a leap into the happiest season in the history of Italian art.
On entering the room your glance is satisfied by a royal completeness: a real dedication to 18th century Venetian art which is the furnishing of the era and which exalts the luxury between the alternating colour scheme of cream and gold and the play on the rounded shapes.

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Lo spazio en plain air, esteso e luminoso della Suite Il Libertino, Antica Dimora Desenzano


Il Libertino

En plein air

An artwork able to elevate the human being to open unexplored horizons.
When you go through the door of the Libertine suite you give in to amazement. The space is “en plein air”, extensive and bright, with intertwining exposed beams which create patterns on various levels.

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Grandi spazi earei e leggeri, Suite La Principessa, Antica Dimora Desenzano


La Principessa

Wide spaces, airy and light

Wide spaces, airy and light, where comfort and elegance are in perfect harmony.
The refined lounge characterized by an intense blue sofa and the precious crimped curtains which, like clouds, lighten the atmosphere welcome the guest.

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Moments of true poetry
and pure pleasure